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2 IF statements

Question asked by pugmum on Feb 5, 2010
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2 IF statements


I'm trying to put together a little program to keep track of people on payment plans. I have a field called "Status", a field called "Date Owing", a field called "Installment Owing", a field called "Date Paid" and a field called "Installment Paid". All of these fields except that status, have 12 repetitions in them to contain the monthly payments to be made. So, basically I want the status to read "current" if the "Date Paid" is a date that comes later than "Date Owing" AND the "Installment Paid" is equal to or greater than the "Installment Owing". If these two conditions are not met, the "Status" should read "LATE". (it should also read "LATE" if the "Installment Paid" field for the month is empty. Then, every couple weeks or so, I'd do a search to find all of the records that are late and then get on the phone and start bugging people. Am I going this correctly and if so, could someone help me with the calculation for the "Status" field, which I think should be an IF statement.