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2 IF statements on the same field

Question asked by ngarnier on Nov 11, 2013
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2 IF statements on the same field


I am trying to add 2 unrelated IF statements to the same field.  

     The first statement makes "NA" appear in the field when another field is checked.  The second makes the field auto populate with a value when a value is added to another field. 

     SO I need:


                         if field A is checked with a value (when the checkbox is checked), field B is auto-populated with "NA"




                         if a value is entered into field Cfield B is auto-populated with "mmHg"



     These are the 2 statements, placed into the auto-enter calculated value for field B, that work fine alone, but do not work when I try to put them in the same auto-enter calculation together:

                                        If(not IsEmpty(field A);"NA"; Self)
                                        If(not IsEmpty(field C);"mmHg"; Self)

     Please help.  Thank you

     - ng