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    2 issues in FMP 9



      2 issues in FMP 9


      first, user had FMP5 clients, using FMP5 server on an NT box.


      Upgraded to FMP 9 (not using server any more) (win2008server as main repository). Their IT person did the upgrades on the user systems.


      I had tested this with no issues here before shipping the server computer to them (all clean istalls, done on at least 4 systems and used remote files, including their server).


      Now, when they try to access one of the functions on their user screen FMP replies saying "there is no disk in drive D, please insert disk" (drive d on the server has the data, but it is not mapped). No clue as to why this is showing at the client site, but did not show here


      second, on the system that does work, it takes a long time (3-4 minutes) to open the remote program (which is already loaded on the "server" system).


      Anyone have any ideas on these 2 issues?

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          Both of your issues could be part of the same issue or least the same task may fix them both.


          Open Manage | External Data Sources.


          With converted files of this age, you may well see an unbelievable amount of junk in the external data sources listed here. (mine did anyway :smileywink: ) Search through these for a reference to your d: drive.


          In the same list of references, you may well find Fmnet references that include the asterix instead of just File:filename or fmnet with an IP address. Edit those to remove the asterix (replace them with IP addresses or keep just the relative file path reference) and your files will open much quicker.


          You may also have references to IP addresses that work on your server but not on theirs. The delay is spent when filemaker attempts to find the files on the specified IP address and it takes its own sweet time deciding that the IP address isn't there before it switches to the next option on the list.


          Hope that helps.

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            thanks. this actually occured to me and I requested another remote session to check this.


            Hopefully is it something along these lines.

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                 The "server" has those items lited as D (or *). I need to check the client(s)
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                What a mess. I'm surprised that it functioned prior from the mess in the external sources.


                thank you.

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                  I had the same reaction after I converted my files from 5.5 to 10. They worked in my case, because the extra references were 2nd, 3rd, whatever choices while the first choice was still valid or because the external data source was part of an obsolete script that was no longer used.


                  Filemaker Pro Advanced's Database Design Report was very helpful in tracing/eliminating/consolidating my data references. I'd open Manage | External Data Sources and change a source name from "Filename" to "FilenameXX", generate the DDR and then search the report for instances of "FilenameXX". That allowed me to consolidate duplicate references or determine that the reference was no longer used.

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                    In cleaning up the 23+ files, I just changed whatever the initial lines were to fmnet: ip address, and left the following file:xx line.


                    There are still multiple references to the same files, but since this was a client production system, I wanted to get it up and running.


                    thanks again for your help!