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    2 layouts...one for editing



      2 layouts...one for editing


           i am using a list based layout. On each record line, there is a button to go to an edit layout, also using list. I do this so there is a "safe" mode and then an edit mode.


           The problem I am having is the list jumps around going from one to the other layout....in safe mode, I click on record number 23 and when it goes to the edit layout, it scrolls to the bottom of the page, but stays on the correct record number (23).....making it somewhat difficult to keep track of where you are in the list.


           Is it possible to have this jump to the other layout, but not scroll or otherwise move the list?

           Currently, I am using a simple go to layout function to go between the two layouts.


           Thank you for reading and any help is much appreciated!

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               Use go to related record using the other layout.

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                 Go to related record also does not work....it always brings me to the bottom of the list....effectively jumping from where I clicked to the last showing record.

                 Thank you for your answer, though. Maybe I didn't explain it so clearly. I am hoping the list (over 3000 records) can simply appear to go from "DETAIL MODE" to "EDIT MODE" without any jumping at all.

                 As this is a finance database, it is very important for this to stay exactly where it is clicked....otherwise it is very confusing to the person using it....having to look for the record chosen to edit. As there are MANY repeating names, I have a way to OPTIONALLY show only the chosen name's account transactions. 


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                   Don't change layouts at all.

                   Have the "edit" button change the value in a field that then unlocks the fields for editing.

                   A validation field option can reject all changes to the fields if the edit button has not been used to set the correct value in this added field and script triggers can be used to manage field access in a more user friendly fashion.

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                     Hey Phil,


                     Thanks for your wonderful idea....as usual, your clear, simple answers are WAY over my head...hahahaha


                     Not sure how to implement this, but I will dig deep to try to uderstand your solution. 


                     Thank you again. I have to admit, a lot of the magic I have made with FileMaker uses a lot of PhilModJunk's special voodoo to make it happen...usually with elegance and grace. I can only imagine the high quality database solutions you are making for your customers.

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                       I had no problems using go to related record.  Here is an sample app.  https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D9559058_790_082381335







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                         Any chance on what script triggers could help? Right now, the validation works...kind of. It allows me to change the field(s), but when committed, it validates. Is there a way to prevent the field being entered until I say so?

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                           The OnObjectEnter trigger can check the value of the field and then use one of these script steps:

                           Go to Object

                           Go to Field

                           Go to next field

                           to put the cursor/focus on a different object in your layout to keep the user from entering the field. The user can get around this trigger with a drag and drop, so keep the validation in place as insurance against that possibility.