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2 PHP Site Assistant questions

Question asked by user14360 on Mar 14, 2010
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2 PHP Site Assistant questions


I have two questions regarding the PHP site assistant that you can use with Filemaker server.  I have searched but can't seem to find the answers to this either on the web or in the Filemaker support material.


1) I connect to the IP address of my server in the site assistant, and then I see a list of the databases which have the CWP extended privileges selected, but when I select one of the databases and put in my username and password, the blue wheel just keeps spinning and I am never able to go further and select a layout group to base the PHP site on.  I have checked the username I am putting in correct, and that it has the appropriate extended privileges assigned.  It happens with all the databases hosted on the server and listed there.  How do I fix this?  


1) Can you use conditional value lists pulled from records in your database in the resulting PHP site that you create?  The only thing I can find in the Filemaker support materials is this:


"For example, features like conditional value lists aren’t as responsive for web users because the data must be saved to the host before the effects are seen in the value list field."


This suggests to me that it is possible, but I can't find it explicitly stated anywhere, and seeing as I can't play with it due to my first question, I can't find out!!!