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2 Portals

Question asked by Tucker on Apr 12, 2012
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2 Portals


 I am using FM11 and am new to FM. I am building a contact management db and have run into a brick wall.

For this example I have 2 tables, Customers and Contacts. An edit customer form layout contains all of the customer fields for editing. The bottom portion of the layout contains a portal with all contacts belonging to the specific customer currently on the edit layout.

The contact portal is on a tab control and allows editing of contacts as well as adding new contacts. The first tab is labeled Contacts. The tab control also has a second tab labeled Contact Notes. I'm trying to accomplish the following:

Once a specific contact record is in focus (in the Contacts tab), I want to be able to click on the Contact Notes tab and see notes that related to the specific contact. Problem is that I cannot create this relationship between the tabs since Contacts are a child records of the main parent layout - which is Customer. Is this possible to accomplish? Please keep in mind that I am very new to this!