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    2 Questions Please



      2 Questions Please


      I created a ticket system for work orders, how do i create just a list view of all tickets created? Like a summary view of all tickets created.


      Also when creating a time sheet is it possible to in employee profile add their hr rate and perdium and have auto calculate when filling out a time sheet under their log in?



      Thanks a million.

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          Yes, to both, but without understanding your field/table/relationship/layout design it's pretty hard to tell how to go about it.


          You should have several different tables defined, including one for work orders, one for employees, probably another to log each period of work (time sheet) and maybe others for Jobs and/or customers depending on what you need.


          What are "tickets"? Do you have a table where one ticket = 1 record?


          If so, a layout to tickets can list all ticket records and you can use Show All Records from the records menu to display them.


          Fields Looked up value options selected can copy data suc has a per dium and hourly rates from a related employee record in to the timesheet records.