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2 similar Fields Display same values!!!

Question asked by jb_1 on Oct 2, 2012


2 similar Fields Display same values!!!



I have a tab in the model table "technical caract." (TableB), I would like to display the type of cars ("Sport, CC, Classic ....), the field should display the value (text) of the car  there and at the same Time I can through this field to modify or add a new type of car, well, the field should display the values related to another table"A" and store the value entered in the table "B" !  the problem that I have been able to  both features at the same time in same field, so I found a solution which is not satisfactory at all, make two similar fields, Type_A and TYpe_B; the first shows the values present in the table above appearing in a drop down lmist from table "A", and the second field to add or modify  values in all tables and from the same drop-down list, except that the second field affiched al values using a table intermediate  "C" between table A and B.When I Add a record in table"A",the field in the layout of table "B",who show records from table"C" (Type_Cars) will be empty,But that one how show records from table "A" and that I can't Modify it ,Display values.!!!! Can I have a solution ?? Can I make a script that allow me to join the 2 fields at ONE ??