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2 WebDirect layout questions

Question asked by VaanNeil on Mar 17, 2015
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2 WebDirect layout questions


Hi everyone, just had 2 questions regarding WebDirect.  

1) In FileMaker, if I'm in a normal text field (the standard default ones), I can type in it, and hit Enter and move to the next field, or I can be in Find mode, type a search and hit Enter in that box and it searches.  In WebDirect however pressing Enter just moves down 1 line, which it shouldn't do as these are single line text fields.  I have all boxes checked to move to next field on Tab, Enter and Return but that only seems to work if in the actual app.  Is this normal behavior?  Seems really ugly when using WebDirect.

2) Second question is with padding or anchoring.  I have objects on a layout such as tabs, but what I want is it to be anchored to the top and right, so if someone resizes their window to make it wider, that section of tabs all moves to the right also.  That works fine, but is there any way to put padding in between it and the edge, so if someone stretched it REALLY wide, it would still look good?  Not sure if I can explain what I mean, can take a photo later but basically the [ ] are edges of the screen and Object 1 and 2 are groups of fields or tabs etc:

[ (Object 1 Here)      (Object 2 Here) ]

With anchoring on the top and left for Object 2 when stretching the screen:

[ (Object 1 Here)            (Object 2 Here) ]

What I want though is it to have padding in between, so basically:

[     (Object 1 Here)   (Object 2 Here)   ]


So if someone has a really large monitor, I want it to expand if they make their screen bigger, but not forever.  Meaning if I have the WebDirect or FM app stretched SUPER wide, I don't want it looking like
[  (Object 1 Here)                            (Object 2 Here)  ]

Hopefully that makes sense, just trying to make the layouts look nicer so that they are centered, allowed to expand but only to a certain extent.  If that's not possible then expanding is fine, just want padding in between the edges.  Thank you!!