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2-tier category list

Question asked by amcardwell on Jun 30, 2015
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2-tier category list


Hey everyone. I need help with a project. I am a newby, so bear with me:

I have a list of companies that need to fit in multiple categories based on services:

Business ServicesCarpet CleaningGreen Carpet Cleaners
Happy Carpet Cleaners
ElectricalGreat Electrician
Red Electrician
Super Electrician
Home Services                

Blind Cleaning

Best Blinds
Blinds Suprise
Blinds Masters
ElectricalAwesome Electrician
Great Electrician
FlooringGreat Floors
Super Floors


Notice that the company "Great Electrician" is in a child of 2 main category's. This will happen multiple times in my sheet.

Here is the workflow I would like to use to enter my data. This is also how I want my layout to look! It should require conditional values:



I can provide more details if you like. Please let me know what I need to do to get this to work :) Thanks!