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    2-tier category list



      2-tier category list


      Hey everyone. I need help with a project. I am a newby, so bear with me:

      I have a list of companies that need to fit in multiple categories based on services:

      Business ServicesCarpet CleaningGreen Carpet Cleaners
      Happy Carpet Cleaners
      ElectricalGreat Electrician
      Red Electrician
      Super Electrician
      Home Services                

      Blind Cleaning

      Best Blinds
      Blinds Suprise
      Blinds Masters
      ElectricalAwesome Electrician
      Great Electrician
      FlooringGreat Floors
      Super Floors


      Notice that the company "Great Electrician" is in a child of 2 main category's. This will happen multiple times in my sheet.

      Here is the workflow I would like to use to enter my data. This is also how I want my layout to look! It should require conditional values:



      I can provide more details if you like. Please let me know what I need to do to get this to work :) Thanks!

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          Are these reports or value lists?

          As value lists, these would be conditional value lists. Since you have several in a "chain" with each value list filtering the values in the next value list, these would then be what I call a "hierarchical conditional value list". You can find several working examples with detailed documentation and explanations in:

          "Adventures in FileMaking #1 - Conditional Value Lists"

          But if this is a report, the above can be done with the use of the correct tables and relationships, including a join table linking your sub category record to more than one category record in a many to many relationship.

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            Perfect! Let me explore the "Adventures in Filemaking" and see what I can learn. Thanks!

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              Ok, so I figured out how to make the hierarchical lists, but here is the problem I am now running into:

              What I need to do is assign a company (see graphic from first post) to a sub-category I choose.

              For example, lets say I want to add a new company "Green Plumber" and set the categories they will be under (this is my ideal workflow):

              1. In Field 1, I type in "Green Plumber".
              3. I need to set a main category for "Green Plumber", so in Field 2, a pop-up list of all my main categories are shown. I select "Home Services"
              5. I need to place "Green Plumber" in a sub-category under "Home Services". In Field 3, a pop-up list of all my sub-categories (in relation to "Home Services") are shown. I select "Plumbing".

              Having created my new company, and selected its category and subcategory, I need to set (or store) that combination somewhere. So when I look up what companies are in Home Services -> Plumbing, I see "Green Plumber" in that list.

              All I really need is for someone to point me in the right direction. I'm a fast learner, but I dont know exactly how to ask my question in a simple way. I'm also not sure what a report is... my data is a value list. Any help would be appreciated!

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                Hmmm, I'd swear I made that link clickable.

                Here's the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oj15fqp1uakg0d7/Adventure%201%20CVLs.fmp12?dl=0

                There's a working demo that's exactly the same as what you describe. The key details are in how you set up your relationship or ExecuteSQL queries (there are different options demoed in this file) to make this work.

                In my example, there's a category field with a check box format such that you can select more than one category for a given item by clicking two or more check boxes.