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    24 Frame Time codes



      24 Frame Time codes


      I'm trying to create a program that will keep track of 24 frame time code.

      I created two fields, one a start time code and one the end time code.

      The formatting should be HH:MM:SS:FF

      I know I can create another field for a calculation. I just don't know what to put into said calculation.


      Thank you so much! 

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          What are you trying to calculate?  There may be more elegant approaches, but I use text functions to identify numbers such as "hours" and multiply that number by the number of frames in an hour, followed by calculations for minutes, seconds and frames.  This provides a total frame count and you can go from there.


          (Left ( Start ; 2 )*86400)+(Middle ( Start ; 4 ; 2 )*1440)+(Middle ( Start ; 7 ; 2 )*24)+Middle ( Start ; 10 ; 2 ) 



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               I'm trying to calculate duration of a clip with a start time and and end time. (sorry I wasn't clear)
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              You might want to store start and stop times in time fields and store the frame counts separately in number fields.


              Then the calculation StopTimeField - StartTimeField will give you the duration in seconds.


              You can then define a calculation field to concatentate (glue together) your time and frame data into the format you show for reporting purposes.

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                If you're only going to be calculating for film (and in North America) 24 frames will do. I would advise, since you're building this anyway, to allow for the possibility of calculating video formats as well: 30fps, 29.97 fps etc. with and without pull-down, drop and non-drop. It sounds complicated but if you can do it for 24fps you can create the other schemes as well. Also do a search on the web for "tcfilemaker" and you'll find a timecode oriented solution that may give you some ideas.




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                     If the time amount represented by FF is milliseconds (thousands of a second), then you could input the frames per second in a separate field, according to the applicable film speed, and multiple that field by the FF number. If FF = 75, then ClipPerSecond x FF/100 (24x75/100 = 18 frames).
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                    could I suggest that the next version of filemaker to read the universal character to indicate frames per second ->   ;##


                    (after the seconds characters)

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                      1. Filemaker is a general development environment - not an industry-specific application.

                      2. Timecode is not time, and has no place in a time field.

                      3. Converting timecode to frames and back is merely a matter of calculation; for all frame rates except 29.97df the calculation is rather trivial - see: