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2nd related db locks up intermittantly (Lion

Question asked by mcg_ on Sep 4, 2011
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2nd related db locks up intermittantly (Lion & FMP 11v4)


We have about 6 related databases that we use together to manage customer relationships.

The 2 files that we access the most are 'Clients' and 'Invoices'.

For the last few years we have been hosting these files on FMS 8 (G5 tower)

We have just upgraded to 2 new machines & Lion (& FMP11v4) and we are no longer hosting the database files on FMS 8.

The files are now hosted localy on an iMac which see's the bulk of daily use, and the files are occasionally accessed via sharing from the second iMac.

I have updated all the exteranal file relationship paths and the data bases now interact the same as they did on the server.

i.e when in a client record you can search for that client's invoices and the 'invoices' file becomes the front window and the related records are found, you can then browse each of those records.

For converience FMP is left running all day, and these 2 files are left open all day also.

(I've got ChronoSync quiting FMP every night, copying the files and then relaunching FMP - to replicate the backup that FMS used to do)


The problem:


With regularity, when a new client record is visited, and then the clients invoices searched for, the 'Invoices' file becomes innacessible (doesn't present to the front)

If you go up to the 'Window' menu and bring the 'Invoices' file to the front the search has found the related records but they are also innaccessible. (you can't click / browse the record, it gives you the warning sound)

So far the only way we have found to progress is to restart FMP and start fresh.


It's very odd because this function is normally working fine (when the records are being browsed with frequency) then after a period of time (innactivity?) the invoices file seems to change it's state.

I've looked for a time-out type setting etc but this is the only thing I can think of.

We do have the other (annoying) issue that the Firewall doesn't save FMP rules and requests that we "Allow access" everytime we launch FMP, maybe it is interfering with access to the invoices file after a period of time.

It does seem to executing the find, it's the browse (switched back by the script) that become unresponsive.

This is a productivity killer, really need to squash this one.