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    2nd TOC produces error??????



      2nd TOC produces error??????




      I have a layout based on Patients.


      On that layout I have tabbed object.

      On each tab, I have a portal.  For example, I have a tab named Prescriptions. The portal on that tab is based on the Prescriptions table.   These all work well.


      However, my last tab is for Procedures.  The relationship is as shown above.  Everything seems to work well but when I add information to a portal row, I get the error message above.?????


      Can anyone see what I am doing wrong?  Except for adding a Patients2 TOC, this tab is the same as all my other tabs (which work ok).   Is ther some 'trick' about using a duplicate TOC????




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          Hi sinergy46


          Review your procedures relationship to patient 2. Have you checked the box "Allow creation of records via this relationship" under your procedures side of the relationship?


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            I got it to work!  The problem was that I needed to establish a relationship from Procedures::PatientID.fk into Patient::PatientID.pk.  THEN, when I try and establish Procedures::DoctorID.fk into Doctors::DoctorID.pk FM makes me make a 3rd TOC for Doctors. 


            I was NOT doing this before and it makes sense to keep a relationship into Patients (not Patients2) because the layout is based on Patients (not Patients2). 


            What I think could be better is the rather useless, nonsensical 'error' message FM provides when the relationships prevent the portal from working as expected.


            Onward through the fog.


            Thanks for your thoughts.