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3 Questions: Columns in list view, search options and conversion scripts.

Question asked by BenjaminDrayton on Jan 20, 2012
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3 Questions: Columns in list view, search options and conversion scripts.


Hi there,


I'm very new to the filemaker software and in fact any database managment software. I have created a database for the company I work for to replace their old one but there are a few tweaks needed before I'm fully satisfied.


The first is whether it is possible to display two columns of records in the list view. This would be a great help as I need to display many objects side by side so that their pictures can be compared.


The second tweak is that I need a better foolproof way of searching. My boss is basically computer illiterate and I'm worried he'll forget to press the find button before entering the search terms, therefore mindlessly destroying the database. Also I need to be able to search between minimum and maximum measurements without using operators as I think that will confuse him.


The final and minor tweak is that I would love to write or put in place a script that converts metric measurements (which I already have) into feet and inches and therefore have a field of measurements in feet and inches. I have looked into this a bit and can't seem to get anywhere. I have purchased the 'Missing Manual' series book for filemaker and am hoping to learn how to do it from there but would love some help on the topic.


I do realise I'm asking a huge amount and there probably aren't any answers to my questions but I would love to hear any solutions to the problems I have above.