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    3 sec popup comment from script



      3 sec popup comment from script


      Hello All,


      I want a script step to bring up a Text Box or even just the word "Congratulations!" for 2 seconds and then disappear without any actions required from the user.

      Show Custom Dialog somethng close but not what I want. Show Custom Dialog brings up a Dialog box and then you have to click on close to get rid of it. 

      Can someone suggest a way to create a script step(s) that will activate what I want?


      Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

      I have FMPro Advanced 11.0 v3
      OS - Windows Vista on desktop, Windows 7 on laptop

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          If you are not publishing to the web, you can open a new window to a layout displaying this message and then your script can close the window. This can create issues if you are using Windows OS and have your windows "maximized", but it can be done with careful scripting.

          You may find it easier to add layout text that says "Congratulations" in large bold type to your layout. You can then use a conditional format to hide/reveal the text and your script can change the value in a field or variable to control the conditional format.

          You can set the font size of your layout text to 500 in the conditional format to make it disappear.