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3 tables - relationships

Question asked by FilipeTeixeira on Jun 9, 2013
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3 tables - relationships



     Hi everybody,


     I'm currently building a database in Filemaker Pro and I've been facing some challenges when it gets to establish the relationships.


     I have 3 tables.


     1- Distributors

     2- Instruments

     3- Issues.


     So far I have tbl Distributers (dist_ID) linked to tbl Instruments (dist_ID_fk), and same scheme from Instruments to Issues.


     I have a portal to Instruments at the Distributers layout and everything works quite fine.


     My problem is that sometimes I would like to enter a new instrument without having to go to the distributers layout, and I would like to browse trough the distributers and add an instrument there again without leaving the Instruments layout.


     Is this possible?

     In SQL I remember that it wasn't that difficult, but here I'm having a lot of trouble to get it working.


     Thank you for any help you guys can give me.