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3 tier conditional value lists... I still don't get it

Question asked by FMNewbie on Oct 16, 2012
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3 tier conditional value lists... I still don't get it


     I realize this topic has been discussed before, and I've read many of the threads, but I'm still not getting it.  I'm trying to have three drop-down fields, each based on the previous entry:  FACILITY TYPE, FACILITY NAME and FLOOR.  

     For example, FACILITY TYPE might have "hospitals", "clinics" or "shelters."    Then FACILITY NAME would have the names of the different facilities and, obviously, FLOOR would have the various unit names or numbers from those facilities.

     To do this, I have created a separate table called FACILITIES with all the facility data in it.   Then on the table where I want the drop-down choices, I call it CASES, I created a "use all values from" value list from FACILITIES::FACILITY TYPE and then a "only related values" value list for FACILITIES::FACILITY NAME.  These two fields work great.  

     Now... for the third drop down choice of FLOOR, I get the impression that there is something funky I need to do with the relationships, but for some reason it still isn't clicking in my head.  I've created a second instance of  the FACILITIES table but what do I need to relate to what??  

     (As a side question... on the FACILITIES table, do I need to have a separate record for each FLOOR, or could I set it up to create a conditional value list from a repeating field... i.e. [1] 1st floor [2] second floor [3] third floor... etc etc??  This might be too complicated for now.)