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    3 tiered conditional value list



      3 tiered conditional value list


       Hi all

      I have 3 drop downs on a portal form and need some help getting the third drop down working.

      The first drop down simply lists all values. This is all elements of a building for example, doors, windows, roofs etc.

      The second drop down then lists the sub building element, for example if doors is selected in the first option then all the different types of doors is brought back eg hardwood, softwood, pvc doors etc.

      The third drop down then lists in detail what is selected in drop down 2. For example if hradwood door is chosen it will list all the available hardwood doors.

      The first two drop downs work fine but the the third just doesnt work.

      The first table is linked to the second table on a unique building id so table 1 building id = 1 is linked to table 2 bulding id =1. For example doors has a id of one and in table 2 all the diff types of doors have an id of 1. These two drop downs work fine.

      The third table is linked to the second table via a sub building id. So, table 2 sub building id = 1.1 is linked to table 3 sub building id = 1.1.

      All 3 drop downs are on a portal.

      Ive spent 2 full days trying to crack this when im sure someone with more expertese could crack it straight away.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.















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          You'll need different relationships to get a Hierarchical conditional value list to work.

          Compare your relationships to those found in this thread: 

          Hierarchical Conditional Value lists: Conditional Value List Question

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            Thanks for the swift reply.

            Ive tried what was in the reply and i still have no joy. How would a 3 tier conditional value list normally be set up ?

            The first two work fine and the third even brings back partly right values but just isnt quite there.

            There must be a key point im missing as ive seen many threads like this where the third dropdown just doesnt work. I still cant work it out though ?!






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              People often make the mistake of chaining together the table occurrences used in a linear series of relationships like you show in this thread:


              But for your multi leveled series of condtional value lists to work, you can't use that series of relationships:


              This is because all the fields that serve to filter the values for each conditional value list are defined in the same Table.

              Using your table occurrences and match fields (which are also your drop down fields), they match up like this:

              Data Continuous Sub Form::Building Element = lkUpComponent::Building Element ID     (first conditional value list)

              Data Continuous Sub Form::Sub Building Element =  lkUpComponent 2::sub Building Element ID (2nd conditional value list)

              If the notation that I am using here is unfamiliar and you are having trouble understanding it, see: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained

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                 thank so much for this insight, ive cracked it and the drop downs work a treat, im over the moon !!!

                Just another question while im on the subject. When a value is selected from the third value list table i want a number of other related fields from that table to appear on the layout. These are values which are on the same live as the item selcted if you like ?


                Should be simple but im struggling?






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                  I've replied to that in your other thread on that subject: Multi Fields from value list