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    3 users different locations



      3 users different locations


      I have a database created in FMPro9.  There are 3 users that need to access the database and we are in different countries and all have high speed internet.  We are a non-profit with our own web domain, so we can store files on the internet.  What do I need to do and is it even possible to use FMPro for all of us to have access to the database and be able to edit it as well, not just view it.


      Thanks for advice!

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          Thank you for your post.


          There are a couple of ways to access the file over the internet.


          First, open the file on the host machine, Then, have the other users select "Open Remote..." from the File menu and enter:


          fmnet:/<IP Address>/<filename>.fp7


          Another methodis by using Instant Web Publishing, where other users can use their own browsers to access the database file.  This is a lot more restrictive, as several script steps are unavailable via this method.


          Please see your online help for more information about sharing files, or feel free to contact me if you need more detail.



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