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3rd party file storage and retrival

Question asked by NilsMortenAlexandersen on Sep 3, 2012
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3rd party file storage and retrival


 Good morning

I need to store documents (user manuals and documentation) in the database, and I am trying to find a clever method of storing these documents to a spesific share on the nertork.

I use a container field to store a reference to the file

I use the INSERT FILE command to store the file

I use the EXPORT FIELD CONTENT to get the file back

Is there some way that I can .....

Make Filemaker store (move) the file to a spesific location when I Insert the file (the file could be anywhere) and have Filemaker use this new location as the pointer for the reference ?

Can I make Filemaker open up a document in its native app from the reference (and not give me a copy, and then open up the copy) This way when you edit the document and press save .... the edited (updated) version is still referenced in the DB.


Thanks in advance