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    5 - 10 sec program freeze with drop down menus.



      5 - 10 sec program freeze with drop down menus.


      Our old inventory computer crashed and we moved filemaker 9.0v3 to another computer (same hardware (2 ghz duo, 1gb ram), but OS  X 10.4.11 instead of 10.5.~) and now when we edit our inventory file all the drop down selections freeze the program/computer for 5-10 seconds before working through. Was a fresh install from FM cd and then patched with current updates.

      A little help pls. :)

      Nathan, Island Escapades, Salt Spring Island.

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          What kind of value lists? Are they conditional value lists based on a relationship? No relationship, but based on values in a table? Custom values?

          Take a backup copy and run a recover on it. Test the recovered copy. Do you get the same behavior? (Recovering a file rebuilds all the indexes in your field so that might make a difference here.) If that fixes the problem, save an empty copy (clone) of your current flie and import all the data from your current copy into this clone. That will also rebuild the indexes. Test this copy and if it fixes the problem, use it to replace your current copy.