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5 Fields, 1 Table: 5 TOs or 1 Portal?

Question asked by KenKing on Jan 3, 2011
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5 Fields, 1 Table: 5 TOs or 1 Portal?


One Invoice can have 5 contacts (Buyers, Sellers, Agents etc).  Currently I have 5 TOs of "Contacts" related to the Invoice TO, to accomodate the 5 contact fields on the Invoice layout.  

If I wanted to simplify things, I could get rid of the 5 Contacts TOs in favor of 1 Contact TO, and use a portal on the invoice Layout (in which case I could have many more than 5 contacts).  This I read from one of Philmodjunks prior posts.

However, using the portal method doesn't seem to fit my goals because i) I dont want to create new contacts via the portal.  Instead I want to select the contacts from a drop down list based on the Contacts table.  

I cant figure out how to do that, if its possilbe. Any suggestions?