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    64bit barcode



      64bit barcode


      Hi, is anybody using a barcode solution for FileMaker 14 that works in 64bit. I am using Windows and I have run in to a problem that the plugin from IDAutomation does not work with 64bit version of FileMaker yet. They discuss it here. So if anybody knows of something working let me know please. Thanks

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          Most companies are working on new versions of their plugins such as stated on the link you provided.    You can uninstall your 64bit FM and installed the 32bit FM version and use with the 32bit plugin until the new plugins come out, then when the new plugin comes out you will uninstall the 32bit FM and install the 64bit.    32bit and 64bit of FM is included in your purchase.   MAC is 64Bit Only and would have to run in 32bit mode to use the 32bit plugin.    

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            Was trying to avoid that. One reason is because it runs so unbelievable on 64bit now, the solution that is. Thanks

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              What does the plug in do for you that requires a plug in?

              Much can be done with both the generation/printing of barcodes and also the scanning of the same without using any plug in at all--which then avoids this particular issue that can crop up with each new release of FileMaker Pro--the new version may not be compatible with all existing plugins.

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                Are you saying that FileMaker 14 can create and print barcodes natively? Or are you referring to a way to regenerate what the plugin's do with the barcode fonts? Thanks

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                  It depends. That's why I am asking.

                  Many bar codes can be produced simply by installing the proper bar code font and then using a calculation field that combines the value to be encoded with additional formatting such as before and after asterisks or a calculated "check digit". An algorithm for a given code format's check digit is usually something that you can easily research on line. (I use my phone to scan UPC codes and easily found the info on its format and check digit via a web search.) And the custom function sites such as Brian Dunning's often have ready made custom functions that you can use to generate check digits or to validate scanned codes.

                  And if your scanner works in Keyboard emulation mode, you can often configure the scanner to put extra characters at the beginning and end of the scanned data that are used with script triggers to automate the bar code scanning process.

                  And all without a single plug in needed.