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9, 10, Server, Pro, Advanced...

Question asked by NVN on Jan 28, 2009
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9, 10, Server, Pro, Advanced...


I'm using FileMaker Pro 9. The rest of my group (5 people) also have it on their machines. However, the way our network is set up apparently means we can't share a file between offices without getting FMPro Server.


Fair enough. What I don't understand is, um, how the whole thing works. (Bear with me! I can create databases, but I don't know ANYTHING about software, servers, etc.) If we get FMPro Server 10, will we all have to upgrade to FMPro 10? Or just the person who administers the database? Or will the program itself run off the server, obviating all of our local applications?


Thanks for helping a confused person navigate these choices...