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      Is there a way to hide field from certain users with out having the <no access> in the field. I would like to have it blank.

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          have you tried making a layout just for those particular users?

          then you could show only the desired accessible fields and/or "hide" certain fields for instance by making the fields the same color as the layout background and/or embedding the fields by using <<table::fieldname>> so they can't click into the fields, etc.

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            I thought about making separate layouts but, I have a lot of layouts and they are all connected with scripts. To much work to re-configure everything.

            Im thinking about upgrading to FMP 11 Advanced. Does this version handle it different?

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              Set up script to perform finds for the records that the user is permitted to see. It is my understanding that when a find is performed, the no access records will be automatically excluded. That leaves only Show All Records and Show Omitted Only as the only ways they can bring up a <no access> record.

              There are a variety of ways you can set these scripted finds to take place automatically via script triggers or by performing a find when the file is first opened.

              If you want Show All Records and Show Omitted Only to not bring up No Access records, you'd have to use FileMaker Advanced to create a custom menu that replaces these menu options with scripts of your own design that avoid bringing up no access records.