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? Can you via a calculation field, assign a 'holder' field on the screen to another field.

Question asked by Pstone on Sep 20, 2009
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? Can you via a calculation field, assign a 'holder' field on the screen to another field.


I have a need to create the following scenario:


Three fields are called "1LIST", "2LIST" and "3LIST". Each of these are setup as a Drop Down List pointing to a corresponding named "1list", "2list" and "3list" list of names along with being checked as "editable" by the user. These are not on the layout.


One field in the layout is called "MASTER LIST" and has a managed list of 3 choices in a radio box format, say "1", "2", and "3"


Below that is a field is another field that we'll use as a placeholder called "TEMP". This is simply a place holder and is a calculation that says if the field above is "1", then...


...and here is what I want to accomplish: display the field "xLIST".


So if radio button #1 is chosen, below will display the field 1LIST AND that list should be editable by clicking on it just as if you were to literally use the actual 1LIST field.


Right now, the field being used to do the calculation trumps editing. I can tell it to: "Case (MASTER LIST= "1";1LIST;MASTER LIST= "2";2LIST;MASTER LIST= "3";3LIST) but that just displays what in 1LIST, 2LIST or 3LIST and offers no actual list editing obviously because that TEMP placeholder, even though you can tell it that it's a DROP DOWN Editable list, has no way to allow let's say WHICH Value-List to point to via a Calculation (which is what I would really want)... or does it?


Anyways, there's probably an easier way of doing this but this seemed to be the path of least resistance given the Calculation function seeminly should have the power to do this?