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    ? in field



      ? in field


           I have two tables, Contacts and PurchaseContracts.  The relationship between the two is based on the Contracts unique record IDs.

           In PurchaseContracts I have a field called Client which looks up the client field in Contacts and copies over the data when the ContactID is changed.  Note I also have several other fields doing the same but for some reason this is the only one causing an issue.

           When the data is copied over all it shows is a question mark.  Incase formatting was an issue I create another merge field without touching anything other then adding <<Client>> and I still get the same thing.  I inserted a field, same thing.  Last I changed the client field in the PurchaseContracts to a calculation field, made sure it was marked as text and put PurchaseContract_Contacts::Client as the calculation and it WORKED!  Both flieds are marked as text fields, no idea what's causing this.  I don't want to use the calculation field route, I much prefer the lookup ... any ideas?

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               When you inserted just the field--not as a merge field, did you try clicking into the field? If so, what did you see when you did that?

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                 when it's a lookup it's litterally a question mark character.  Tried to switch it to a calculation and it worked again, of course it shows the client name and I can't modify it.

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                   By "look up" do you mean that you specified the "looked up value" auto-enter field option?

                   If so, I'd check the settings for this in Field options. There's an option for entering a value "if no exact match" and it might be set up to enter a ?. Why there is no exact match will be something you have to investigate in terms of your relationships and the specifics you selected for this field option.

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                     Yes, it's a look up in the auto-entre field option.  It's set to not copy if there isn't an exact match.  Still strange because it randomly started working again, I didn't make any changes as far as I can tell.  I'm not having a random issue with a particular drop down menu.  Took changing it from to pop up and back to start working again.  Not sure what's going on.

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                       While we're on the lookup topic, is there an easy to have all the lookup data clear itself if the relationship/field it uses to lookup data becomes empty?

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                         To reasons why it is behaving erratically:

                         Since the relationship relies on data in your tables to match records, some records may have a valid link and others may not or the data being looked up may be valid in some cases but not in others.

                         Index problems can produce "flaky" behavior. If after carefully checking the data, you still don't have a reason for the ?'s, try rebuilding the indexes to your file. see the steps at the end for how to use advanced recover options to rebuild the indexes without making any other changes to the file.

                         is there an easy to have all the lookup data clear itself if the relationship/field it uses to lookup data becomes empty?

                         For any auto-entered setting that references data in another table, changes in that other table do not automatically trigger an update of the looked up information. You may want to replace your field with looked up date with a direct reference to the field from the related table. This will update automatically for each change in the data in the related table--but this also has other consequences for how this data is used and stored that may or may not be appropriate.

                         See this thread for a description and discussion of dynamically linked data vs. looked up data: Auto Fill

                         Using Recover to rebuild indexes:

                         If you have FileMaker 11 or newer, you can use Advanced Recover options to rebuild your file's indexes:

                    1.           With the file closed, select Recover from the File Menu.
                    3.           Select "Use advanced Options"
                    5.           Select only: "Copy File Blocks as-is" and "Rebuild Field Indexes Now".
                    7.           The recovered copy of the file will be identical to the original copy except that it has completely rebuilt indexes.
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                           Hi Phil,


                           I've run into a strange issue again.  This time I've just imported all sorts of records into a newly built database.  Once I completed all of this I followed your instructiosn to rebuild the index.  Started working in the database and noticed that the look up function isn't working for one particular field and only when the lookup is calling upon new records I've created after the import.

                           Thinking this was once again an index issue I got everyone to exit the database and rebuilt the index and after that I still have the same issue.

                           Any ideas?  Thanks!

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                             It wasn't an index issue in this case. Auto-enter operations such as a looked up value field option do not take place for your imported data unless you specifically enable this option during the import.

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                               The look up error is happening after the import.  Say I imported 500 client records.  After the import I added 5 new clients and when I try to add one of the new five clients the lookup function for the city is not functioning but works perfectly fine with the 500 imports.

                               At the same time I have another issue, a value list that is suppose to listout all the clients and company names used in another set of records.  This drop down isn't producing anything at the moment.  I'm fairly certain this is an index issue correct?

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                                 Scrap the second issue about the drop down.  Working now.  I'm still getting the weird results with the newly added clients though.

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                                   Any more ideas on the lookup issue Phil?


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                                     You'll need to take a closer look at your imported data and the specific relationship invovled to see why it isn't working. An index issue is possible, but damaged indexes aren't real frequent. I only mention them as a possibility after all other possible causes appear to have been ruled out.

                                     Ps. While I sometimes make an exception, I try to limit myself to one reponse per thread per week day to keep from totally consuming my day with volunteered help in this forum.

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                                       Ok that's completely fair, you've helped me through countless issues and I've never really been able to repay you for all your help so I'll certainly take what I can get but I don't expect it.  My sincerest apologies if I came off as expecting your help.

                                       Please note I found the root of the issue.  Thank you!

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                                         Please note that I am not at all offended, just trying to save you the uncertainty of wondering why I hadn't replied as fast as you expected. Since imposing that limitation on myself, I've noted two generally postive results:

                                         Other people have become more involved and chime in with suggestions. This enriches the forum by incorporating more points of view.

                                         The original poster, sometimes takes the time while waiting for my response to post additional info and to review their issue and this sometimes results in a response that they figured it out on their own...

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