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    ? on IWP Sharing



      ? on IWP Sharing


      Hello Everyone,


      I recently went from Network Sharing to IWP.

      My desktop will be used as the host computer and my staff will use a browser.

      Should I uninstall the client version from thier computers?

      Also, should I shut off Network and ODBC sharing on my computer?


      When we were using the client version we were able to customize our toolbars and my staff were instructed to remove the 'delete record' button. Does the web interface offer any toolbar customization options? I don't see any and am hoping that I'm missing something.

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          Since using IWP can be very limiting in your interface design options when compared to using FMP clients, why are you switching to IWP if they have FMP installed on their computers?

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            Long story short - My technicians have suggested/urged/instructed me to do so.

            Long story:

            We were running multiple licenses w/ Network sharing - 2 local installs w/ the database on a network drive. Had no problems and everything was running very nicely. First client to fire up the program was the host and subsequent log-ins were the guest. It ran very smoothly. Then we add a 3rd license and 4th and things started to get very unstable. For some reason, the subsequent log-ins would fail and only work if they went into "remote access". I asked the technicians to look into it and they couldn't figure it out and said that I should move to IWP.
            I think they suggested this because all the rage nowadays is web based SW. Clearly, this has limitations.

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              We have 10-15 users accesing mutliple database files over the local network using FileMaker clients. It's been nearly rock solid for us.

              Hosting the file from a server--with either FileMaker Pro or FileMaker server will far out perform IWP for ease of use and the amount development effort on your part to get everything to work.

              The problem is that you were not hosting the database correctly. One should NEVER EVER put a fileMaker file on a shared directory for users to open directly. This can damage the database file. It should be opened on one computer using fileMaker pro and this computer should have the database file located on its hard drive. Then others use Open Remote to access the file. The folder containing the database file should not be shared.

              Given that past history, I would run a recover on the file as soon as possible to check it over for possible damage.

              Please note that you will need to host the file from a single computer to publish it to the web so you are faced with the same requriement either way. But using FileMaker clients will allow many more options for how you design your user interface and printing reports will be much more capable.

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                We had it on the shared drive so others can access it on days that I might not be in the office.


                To use it properly (they way you describe) would my computer have to stay on all the time?

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                  Also, can you tell me the difference between

                  "accesing mutliple database files over the local network using FileMaker clients...."


                  "put a fileMaker file on a shared directory for users to open directly."


                  Is files over a network drive where I would put the database on a drive to which I have access but other's don't and they would access using the remote dialog


                  putting the file on a drive to which we all have access?




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                    The Host computer would need to be on and have the files open. This might not be your computer, it depends on how you set it up. One work around when you have to use a file server and cannot install fileMaker on it is for user #1 to copy the file to their computer and then open it--saving a copy of the file back to the server when it closes on the host computer--something that can be scripted. Please note that you have to meet the same requirement for IWP--it needs to be open on the host computer before they connect to it with their browsers and the file should located on the hosting computer's hard drive.

                    Also, can you tell me the difference between...

                    The difference is that the clients always and only use Open Remote to access the files.

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                      Thanks Phil.

                      I'll have my Technicians look at the info you've provided.