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? Using a portal for data

Question asked by NigelLambert on Sep 24, 2012
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? Using a portal for data


     HI was wondering if someone may assist me. I'm new to filemaker and databases in general - sorry for my ignorance. 

     I am a Dr and am undergoing an audit (prospective data collection) in hospital with patients referred to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). I have made a Patient data form which details age, date of admission and many other parameters we are measuring. 

     Now for each patient record they may be referred to the ICU several times (some once, some multiple times during the single hospital admission). What I am trying to do is within the individual patient record have a table where we can record the date of a referral, why they were referred and the outcome of the referral. From what I have read through the user manual and through Youtube/Filemaker tutorials the best way of doing this would be to create another table that details referral 'events' and this is then placed in the patient record via a portal. Does this sound appropriate ??


     Now I have tried to set this up by creating a new table and then defining some relationships but am really struggling (sorry but they didnt teach this stuff to us in medical school). 


     Hopefully someone can help and I am more than happy to provide more info or upload screen shots or files.


     ANy help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Nigel