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    ? Using a portal for data



      ? Using a portal for data


           HI was wondering if someone may assist me. I'm new to filemaker and databases in general - sorry for my ignorance. 

           I am a Dr and am undergoing an audit (prospective data collection) in hospital with patients referred to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). I have made a Patient data form which details age, date of admission and many other parameters we are measuring. 

           Now for each patient record they may be referred to the ICU several times (some once, some multiple times during the single hospital admission). What I am trying to do is within the individual patient record have a table where we can record the date of a referral, why they were referred and the outcome of the referral. From what I have read through the user manual and through Youtube/Filemaker tutorials the best way of doing this would be to create another table that details referral 'events' and this is then placed in the patient record via a portal. Does this sound appropriate ??


           Now I have tried to set this up by creating a new table and then defining some relationships but am really struggling (sorry but they didnt teach this stuff to us in medical school). 


           Hopefully someone can help and I am more than happy to provide more info or upload screen shots or files.


           ANy help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Nigel

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               You are correct - that is the way to do it.

               You have a Patient table of records, one per patient.  Each patient should be given a unique ID number - you can (indeed should) make Filemaker allocate this serial number automatically.

               You should create a second table: Events (or Admissions, or whatever name best describes each trip to ICU).  It should have fields for the admission date, discharge date, reason for referral, observations, etc., as well as each record having its own unique ID.  But it should also have the PatientID of the patient it refers to.

               In the Relationships graph create a relationship between the Patient Table and the Admissions Table, linked by the PatientIDs.

               On the Patient layout create a portal and define it as based on that relationship - that is, in the pull-down menu at the top of the portal definition dialogue, choose the Admission table occurrence that is at the 'end' of that relationship you just created. Put the fields you want in the portal (all from that relationship) and when you create Admission records for a patient you will see them show up as a list in the portal.

               You can make each line of the portal a button that takes you to that Admission Record and show it to you in detail.

               Once you have that licked you could consider not storing very much detail in the Admissions record - maybe just admission and discharge date, reason for admission, admitting staff, and condition on discharge.  Then do the same trick with a 'Review' table, where each Admission Record has lots of review reports, progress reports, linked to it, and displayed in a portal on its layout.  That leaves you the most flexible foundation for the future - there is no limit to the number of times a patient can be admitted, and no limit to the number of observation reports logged at each admission.

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                 Thanks very much for your post Sorbs. Much appreciated and I've been able to get it up and running. 

                 I've got a new issue was hoping you could help with but before that just one other question - in your response you mention about using the automatic generated serial number. What I am using to connect (use as relationship) patient info is their hospital ID number (which is unique) - is there any specific benefit to utilising the automatic generated serial number then ??

                 So the next issue I'm having is using/developing script and button function. 

                 What I have got is on the patient table of records is the portal which features the admission/referral events. I want to put a button next to the portal that i can click that will take me to the admission/referral table and then create a new record. So far I have been able to get the script to take me from the patient table to the admission/referral event table but having issues creating a new record. 

                 Never knew that databases could take so much time but I guess once it is running and I learn more about the process it will save me a lot of time and issues in the future. 


                 Once again thank you for your response. 

                 Regards, NL



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                   The benifit of using a serial number is that the computer generates the number, therefore you wouldn't have any typos.  If a typo occurs when using a enter ID key, It can be a headache to fix and if the typo matchs another patient id number then you could have cross-linked records.  

                   Your terminology is a little bit off. You're not going to a table, you're going to a layout.  You can use a table in several different layouts. 

                   You can create new record in the portal and not leave the current layout.  To enable this feature, you would go to the relationship graph and double click the symbol in the middle of the two table. (usually and equal sign)   Then click allow record creation via this relationship.

                   At the top of each layout is a add new record button unless you hide it.  You can create new record via a script.