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?? Where to see The Script Parameter for a PopOver button

Question asked by jdevans on May 14, 2015
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?? Where to see The Script Parameter for a PopOver button


Someone was helping me get started on the solution I'm working with, and now I need help commenting, documenting what is currently going on. Especially the stuff the other person did.

I noticed that one script that this other person wrote has the following as its first step:

Set Variable [$id; Value:Get (ScriptParameter)]

This script runs when a PopOver button is clicked. I think what he did is to use a Script Parameter to give a title to the list of values that appear in the PopOver.

Where can I go to see where the Script Parameter was entered/set? I've looked and searched all over, and can't find it.

I tried creating a new PopOver button to see the first opportunity I might have to enter a value for a Script Parameter... which is  a right-click on the button, then "Set Script Trigger."


So I checked that on this existing button and nothing is entered or selected for Set Script Trigger.