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@ Find Operator Question

Question asked by jebber6685 on Feb 2, 2011
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@ Find Operator Question



I have a DB with about 3500 fields. I want find all records that have an email in the "email" field AND the record was created after 1/1/05.

So I put " @ " find operator in the email field ( to find any record with any charactor in the field ) and I also put ">1/1/05" in the Creation Date field. I would think this would return all records with emails created after 1/1/05. However, it only returns 7 records when I know for a fact that there are hundreds. What could be wrong with my search method?

Also, please note that the email field where the @ is placed is a portal from my Contacts database residing in my Accounts DB and the Creation Date field resides on my Accounts DB.

I have FMPro Advanced 10.0 v3 & OS - Windows Vista