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    A better calculation?



      A better calculation?


      Hello my friends,

      I am currently improving an obsolete database, while going through it I came across a calculation that will work... though It is limited. I was wondering if there was a better calculation to use, also one that would accommodate future years. Its based off a rate of year to vacation. 2 years = 10 days accrued. The rate increases 1 day per year up to 20 days. Attached is the current calculation, any help would be great thanks!


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          Case ( years employed < 1 ; 0 ;
                     years employed < 2 ; 10 ;
                     //and so forth, just continue the pattern

          You might also not use any calculation at all. Set up a table of values with this data and use a relationship or ExecuteSQL query to look up the needed values. This has the advantage in that updating the values returned (or the years employed ranges that correspond to that data) becomes  data entry task instead of a database design modification task.