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A bit of guidance on an e-mail issue

Question asked by user15013 on Jan 14, 2011
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A bit of guidance on an e-mail issue


Thanks in advance for looking at this.  I've just been developing my first FileMaker app, and have it mostly done.  The app creates a field trip report, and needs to save the report as a PDF and e-mail it to a list of people.  I have the main table, then an e-mail table, with 1 record per possible recipient, with their name and e-mail address.  For each trip report screen, I have a portal that captures the e-mail addresses that the report should go to. 

The main table is unique by report#.  The e-mail table (used for lookups) has 1 record per e-mail address.  There is a table in the middle, related to the main table and also to the e-mail table.  I call this table "EmailReportList".  The fields in it are report # and e-mail address.  So this table could have, say, 5 records for report # 1003.  Some of the same e-mail addresses could be in report 1004, 1005, etc.

If the user is in, say, report 1003, and there are 5 records in "EmailReportList" that have report 1003 in them, when the user clicks on "Send report", I want it to create an e-mail, with all 5 addresses in the "To" field, create the .PDF document, and then send the e-mail out. 

Another quick issue:

I am populating the "EmailReportList" table by doing a lookup into the masterfile that has 1 record per e-mail address, and they can select the addresses to send to this way.  Works fine, but it is too easy to accidently select the same address multiple times for a given report.  I am trying to figure out how to prevent this.  Of course the same e-mail address can be in the "EmailReportList" table many times, but only once per report#.

Thanks again.