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    A change to FTS Meetings



      A change to FTS Meetings


           I just need to make one change. And probably not a small one. When I open my current solution I have to choose a portfolio to manage. Once I do from that point on I only see info related to that portfolio. I would like to add the FTS mtgs app into mine and show only those portfolios. I know I can add a new field to all tables to auto enter the portfolio on record creation. I just need to limit the view to those records based on the portfolio variable created upon entering the solution. Does anyone know of a doc or site they can point me to that will assist me in doing so?

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               If you can describe your design in more detail, you should be able to get that help right here. "FTS mgs app", does that stand for one of the demo files in the FileMaker Training Series? For which version of Filemaker?

               Descriptions such as:

               When I open my current solution I have to choose a portfolio to manage. Once I do from that point on I only see info related to that portfolio.

               Don't really tell us much as we don't know what a "portfolio" is in your solution. A record? A group of records? In what table or group of related tables?

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                 Thanks PhilModJunk! Sorry to forget all the details. I forget we aren't mind readers!cool

                 Current solution has several portfolios. Portfolios are made up of contracts. Upon opening you select a portfolio from a dropdown which in turns sets a variable with the portfolio, The portfolio is just a number such as 5808. Each portfolio is a seperate record in a table called Portfolio. Portfolio then relates to Contract, but the meetings will only tie back to the portfolios.

                 FTS mtgs app - In the FTS training series there is a solution called FTS Meetings. It is the one that tracks your meeting agenda and minutes.

                 FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced and my solution is hosted with FileMaker Server 12 Advanced.


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                   You would then appear to have this relationship:


                   Portfolio::__pkPortfolioID = Contracts::_fkPortfolioID

                   though your fileds names may differ from mine.

                   I don't have the FTS book in front of me, but as I recall it's a system for scheduling meetings where multiple individuals need to attend multiple meetings. If that's a correct recollection, it probably has this structure, though the table and field names may not match what I am entering here:


                   People::__pkPeopleID = People_Meeting::_fkPeopleID
                   Meetings::__PkMeetingID = People_Meeting::_fkMeetingID

                   This would be a many to many relationship between People and Meetings so that muliple people can attend one meeting and so that one person can attend multiple meetings.

                   Am I correct that you then want to limit your view of scheduled meetings to just those associated with the currently selected portfolio?

                   If so, you'll need a relationship linking Portfolios to Meetings by portfolio id, but you won't need to add any fields for the Portfolio ID to either of the other two tables.

                   Let me know if this is what you wanted and I'll see if I can then tell you what to do to make that happen.

                   For an explanation of the notation that I am using, see the first post of: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained

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                     Yes, my solution has a relationship just as you described for PORTFOLIO to CONTRACT.

                     And you are correct on the Meeting relationships. To be more exact they have...


                     MEETING::kp_meeting = PARTICIPANT::kf_meeting

                     PARTICIPANT::kf_person = PERSON:: kp_person

                     My view - Yes, I want to limit my view of everything having to do with meetngs to those items that relate to the selected portfolio.

                     So on my first login if I select portfolio 5808 and create a meeting, add people, and create a group it will be tided to portfolio 5808. And next time I login if I select portfolio 1432 I would not see any of that data from 5808 and so on. The portfolios are seperate companies so I can't mash anything up together or it would cause problems.

                     Also attaching a screenshot of the relationship graph for meetings. Post to follow has the second half.

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                       second half of relationship

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                         In which case you would be adding a field to Meeting that can link it to a record in your Portfolio table.

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                           I had created a field in meetings (_kz_portfolio) that auto enters the portfolio number on creation. Wouldn't I have to do that for every table and then when navigating to meetings have a script go to every table and do a find for the portfolio so the user only sees data related to that portfolio?

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                             No you would not.

                             You would only need that for records in the Meeting table. The records linked to the Meeting table should not have such an auto-entered value as they may be linked to multiple meetings and some of the meeting records could be for other portfolios. Whether or not that is the case the relationship between them and Meeting can be used to control whether they are accessible/visible on your layouts.