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    A chart for room reservations



      A chart for room reservations


      Hi. I'm setting up a small hotel management system . I'm using Filemaker Pro Advanced 11.


      How do I create a chart /block chart to display available rooms, full rooms and reserved rooms?

      Do I need plug-ins?


      Thanks in advance Smile

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          Probably just filtered portals to a reservations table. You can select a given date and the one row portals can update to display the status for each room in their portals.

          Obviously, there's a lot of detail work that needs to be done, starting the the tables you design to manage rooms and reservations and what relationships you devise to link them.

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            You might want to take a look at this one:


            It's a really neat example.

            I also made a booking / reservation system in my filemaker database. It works a little bit the same as the Booking system in my link. You give in a start date and an end date and you get a listing of all the available items for that period (it's for equipment rental, not for hotel rooms.)

            I also wanted to make a calendar type chart in the beginning, but this way is a lot easier. And makes more sense I think.