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A couple of printing questions

Question asked by dmorgan on Nov 26, 2013
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A couple of printing questions


     I have a rather complex database that I need to print some business card sized place holder cards and to also print some info on slides.

     Problem 1 the place holder cards uses Avery template 5871 to print out business card size cards. 

     Showing client id and run a logo and company info, all of which is working just fine these get printed in a batch of 6 to fill the Avery template. The problem is sometimes there needs to be duplicates of the card but I haven't really figure out a way to duplicate the card records just long enough to print a duplicate. 

     Is there an easy way to duplicate a record just for printing?

     Problem 2 slide printing

     We have a custom printer that takes a large print 24" x 12" document, each slide is a certain size 2" x 3" being most common. What is being printed is a label at the bottom of each slide set up in a 12 across and 4 rows with the slides in portrait for the normal run. 

     The text will be a set width and height to fit on each slide at the bottom of the individual slide. The label text would change after a set number of slides. 

     I was thinking layouts for each slide size similar to seedcodes or ninjacal's calendar with each "day" being a slide and having a fixed size on the layout then the label is just a text field that starts at "day" 1 fills x number of repetitions, then x number with the next label until there are no more to do or the print field is full and would have the option to then start on the next "month" which would be.

     I guess I'm asking more if this sounds like the best way to do this, and also I think the code to do a calendar like this is open source I've seen examples for filemaker 10 and 11 but I haven't seen it easily explained in code for 12. If anyone has a link to tutorials in 12 I would greatly appreciate it.