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A couple of questions regarding relationships to help me finish up my database

Question asked by WendellNeeley on Nov 30, 2012
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A couple of questions regarding relationships to help me finish up my database


     I think I've finally gotten this thing mostly beaten, which is a great accomplishment for me considering my computing background.  Suddenly all of this clicked after spending many hours reading a couple of books and perusing posts here.  I still have a couple of more questions that I need to have answered to help me finish up.

Background-  I'm creating a database to monitor what happens to the patients of my orthodontic practice after they schedule a new exam.  The primary use for this database is to determine key statistics related to the referring doctor (average patient fee, total referral fees, total patient referrals, etc.).  I have several one to many relationships that I am dealing with:

     1.  One Doctor to many Patients

     2.  One Patient to many Exams

     3.  One Exam to many Starts

Current Situation-  I have tables for Doctors, Patient Information, New Exam Information and Start Information.  I have them relating the way I want and everything seems to be working appropriately.  I have portals set up on the doctor page to enter in all the information for the other tables and thereby create the properly related records.  Still, I need to know a couple of things to make sure that it works perfectly for the long haul.

     1.  If I have a Start for a patient that has many Exams, how does Filemaker know which Exam it should go with if I am doing this from a portal on the Doctor Table?  

     2.  Is there a way to direct this relationship without putting in the New Start information in a portal in the appropriate exam?  


     Thanks again, and please excuse my completely noobish questions.