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A design issue

Question asked by SuzieMuchnick on Apr 29, 2012
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A design issue


As I continue working with FM12 for a huge project i see that I've made a huge mistake (I think).

Each record in my DB (only about 600 records) has 6 container fields. These container fields are populated with large pictures. Each picture is simply a different view of the same thing. The problem? The DB is getting a bit unwieldly. Even on this fast iMac, things are starting to slow down as the DB approaches 8GB. After all of the containers are populated, it could be 20GB.

I thought about substituting smaller previews for the original images for on-screen stuff. I just need to have them for publishing. But I don't see a simple way to make previews and have them be available for each record. Ideally a layout would show previews, and I'd click on the preview image for the full-size image, something trivial to do once the previews are set up.

I know that images can be stored in a separate file. Curious, I did have FM12 store the images for container field #1 in a different folder. I am not sure that this give me any advantages, though.

What I need, I think, is to place the photos in a different table (yes? and would it be 6 different tables?) And, I need the ability to choose a 'preview' or the actual image. Creating the previews is pretty easy once you have finder-access to the photos.

Question: how do I go about doing this in a logical and safe way? Perhaps I am thinking about the DB incorrectly?

Of course, there are a few 'support' fields, too: Image size, Image Source, Image Comment.

I hope this makes sense to the Smart People.