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a design question

Question asked by msadesign on Dec 15, 2010
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a design question


I am just starting to storyboard a new solution for my wife's yoga classes, and need some direction on how things are set up. Here is where I think I am headed:

Table 1 would be student records including amounts paid and number of classes purchased

Table 2 would be attendance. The classes never have more than 20 students or so. I thought each record could be dated, and then all current students displayed by way of a check box value list. This way, she can quickly check off all of the students attending a particular class.

Where I am having problems is in getting the data out of the value list above. I need to know for each student what date he attended and then use that data to calculate how many classes are remaining. I don't know how to do that.

I also need to know how many students in a class. To my way of thinking this means counting the number of times that the check box value list has been populated with an X. I don't know how to do this, either.