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a few development questions...

Question asked by JCPython on Jul 9, 2012
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a few development questions...


What is the best way to backup my database when using external open storage on all my image container fields in my runtime, i need for all my users to be able to easily create backups of their data and to be able to restore the backups when updates of my runtime are released.

there are a few options to save a copy of current file, clone, compact, self-contained

the self contained seems to be the right one but im not sure exactly..

when i release all my runtime updates, would it be wise to use the same bindkey for all?

I feel like i have tried everything the last few weeks to get my users from a runtime made in fm11 to move their converted data files into the update made in fm12 but i only get sucess 10% of the time.

Another thing i gotta know, does the value returned by the function Get PersistentID ever change on a computer like it does with SystemNicAddress?
Reason i ask is because im currently using the get perstistentID fuction in combination with brian dunnings easy encryptions, but there is a lot of reports from my customers that there license keys randomly stop working, or customer number changes on them, all problems regarding easy encryption, id like to just scrap easy encryption out of my program all together.

My idea is when a user purchases my solution i simply send the program to him with a field pre field with the persistent id for their computer, then do a check on each start up to make sure there is a match and its not being run on any other computer.