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    A few find questions...



      A few find questions...


      still fussing with the trial...


      How do you "find" based on radio buttons (that is, whether they are selected or not)? 


      How do you find based on OR between fields (for example, find all records that have this radio button selected in this field OR have this radio button selected in that field)?


      Can you attach find results to a layout, so selecting the layout automatically shows the saved search results?



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          filemaker handles this in a very interesting manner.


          You can't really do OR's as in normal databases.


          What you have to do is enter find mode, make your first condition, such as checking the radio button (which will be the same as telling it to look for records that have that radio button checked) - if that's all you want, then hit enter. But if you have multiple conditions:




          Press Control + N (or Command  + N for Mac). It regular browse view, this would create a new record but in find mode, it creates a new request. It will look like you have 2 records now - but it's 2 find requests. Now set the second condition (such as checking another box, typing some text in a field, etc.)


          Repeat this as needed.


          THEN hit enter. each find requests acts as an OR. 

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            Thanks! It seems rather cumbersome to build good searches. That is, it seems like it would be very difficult to build a search that was: find all records that


            in field X, "yes" or "maybe" are checked OR in field Y, "yes" or "maybe" are checked




            field Z is abc.


            Like, imagine field X is "trip to Florida" [yes/no/maybe radio button] and field Y is "trip to Hawaii" [yes/no/maybe radio button] and Z is the home office location.


            So, "find all records of folks who say yes or maybe to traveling to Hawaii or Florida and are in the Boston office."  


            It's not actually what I'm doing (no trip to Hawaii...) but it's easy to come up with searches that it seems FMPro don't do so easily.  

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              Thank you for your post.


              That find would be:


              First request: Office = Boston


              Second request: trip to Florida = No

                                     trip to Hawaii = No

              check the "Omit" button 


              That is, find all records where Z = abc and omit those records that have No in both "trip to Florida" and "trip to Hawaii".  That is, at least one of those fields has "Yes" or "Maybe" checked.


              Does that make sense?



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