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A Few Presale Questions

Question asked by VickiMain on Aug 16, 2012
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A Few Presale Questions


Hello everyone,


I am the new Treasurer for a non-profit organization with approximately 200 members, and I am looking at Filemaker Pro as a possible solution to streamline the workflow. Right now, they use Quickbooks Pro for bookkeeping, and they track members and their activities through a series of Excel spreadsheets.

For each new member who joins the organization, I have to create a Customer account in Quickbooks, then enter their contact info, company info, join date, paid or unpaid, etc in the spreadsheet. When we have community events, there is a separate spreadsheet for tracking who participated. When we have monthy meetings, we have a separate spreadsheet for checking them in, and then I have to transfer who attended onto the main spreadsheet.

It is a LOT of redundant work.

What I would like to do is use Filemaker as a CMS, enter the member's data one time, and have them show up on the appropriate spreadsheets.

I would also like to have a form on our website so new members can join and their data would be entered into the system without having to manually add them. Can I do that with FM Pro, and if so, do I need to have the FM Server? Would each registrant be considered a database user? I could see that becoming very expensive.

It would also be very helpful to be able to make a member "active" or "inactive" without losing their data. For example, if a person drops out for a year, can I make them inactive, thereby hiding their info from the spreadsheet, and then activate them when and if they return?

Nice, but not a deal breaker, would be the abilty to put a searchable database on our website so website visitors could do a search for members in their area. Is that possible, and again, would that require the FM Server?

Thank you so much for your help.