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A few questions about FileMaker.

Question asked by obs_1 on Sep 22, 2009
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A few questions about FileMaker.


Good day,


In my delivery resto i've been using a POS program for several years. Now i used to like it, but with their latest builds this year ive noticed theyre getting sloppy with weeding out bugs which destroy the purpose of having statistics, and their costs just dont stop.


These couple of days i have played with the trial of FileMaker and so far i very much like the ease of use.

Now before i decide to purchase and delve into the advanced usage, i'd like if you'd be kind to answer my questions.


My requirement are few, yet i need a few key features:

 - I need to prevent accidental changes on the main form used to enter/edit orders. The way it should work is, if a field is about to be changed for an existing order, a popup window should ask for confirmation before entering the "order edit mode".

 - Auto-complete feature. This is used while the user is inputting product codes. While doing this, automaticly filling out its 'product description' and 'price' fields for that product.

 - I require the use of custom keyboard shortcuts. (PgUp/PgDn for navigating , End for starting and ending orders, etc)

 - A 3rd computer will be setup just for assigning orders to the employee who delivered it. This is just another form with a list of all the unassinged orders, The employee would just scroll to the record he has delivered, press Enter, find his name in the list, and Enter to assign. This thing about this is that the list should stay up to date with added orders on the other computers.


If i'm not clear with any of these points, please point it out. I hope everything i require is possible for FileMaker seems like its all that i need.