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A few questions from an Access convert

Question asked by Hoggster on May 26, 2010
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A few questions from an Access convert




i'm a new convert to FMP 11 from Access. I really like some of the features but am having a really hard time duplicating some things that were really easy on access. If I may ask more than one thing;


how do I add an auto date field to a layout (that is independent of any records in the assoc table) that will always display the current date?


i know that to a certain extent that 'find' replaces queries in access. but... i have 2 related tables, one contains patient data including the ASA score. the other table just includes the ASA score (like a lookup list). when entering the ASA score in the patient tabe i'm using a drop down value list taking the ASA number from the ASA table.  how to I then sum all of the occurences of a particular ASA score occuring in the patients table and display it in the ASA table next to the relevant score (i hope this is clear)


to clarify; Patients::ASA looks up values in ASA::ASA

what i want is the number of times Patients::ASA equals each value stored in ASA:ASA


i've got heaps more questions but i'm also enjoying figuring things out for myself but these 2 are really niggly.