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A few simple problems..

Question asked by memeyuyu on Feb 25, 2011
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A few simple problems..


Hi folks, :)

I am trying out Filemaker for the first time  thinking it would be great for organising tasks, contacts, and creating  invoices etc.

But I'm beginning to think one needs to be an atomic physicist to do the most simple and basic  task.

1. I tried  changing the currency from $ to £ in every fie;d I could find which although I saved the layout,  in  preview mode everything is in £,  when I print or email an invoice it  shows in $ again.

Why when you install it can you just not choose your location and  currency and be done with it?

2. I also cannot find where to enter my  own company name and details so that they appear on the invoice either.

3. I have no clue how to import the contacts from the Apple Address  book either as Filemaker seems only to be able to import

file formats that Apple contacts cannot export.

As windows user for over 25 years the switch to Mac is not always a  smooth one.

Appreciate any help... thanks..