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    A field calc for......



      A field calc for......


      A field calc for for a list of sales with different dates which totals the sales of matching dates, not the whole list.

      1 table, no relationships

      Using fields:

      Sales date

      Sales Amount

      (Calc field) Total sales by date

      THE KEY IS TO: sum(Sales Amount) for all the same dates!!

      Thanks for any help

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          There are multiple ways to do this. Here's one:

          1. Define a summary field that computes the total of Sales Amount.
          2. Perform a find for all sales record of the specified date.
          3. The summary field will then report the desired total.

          A second, slightly more sophisticated approach:

          1. Make your layout a list view layout.
          2. Add a sub summary part when sorted by your date field.
          3. Put your summary field into this sub summary part.
          4. Enter Browse mode and sort your records by your date field so that same date records are grouped together.
          5. Now you have sales totals for every date in your found set.