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    A File Reference That Does Not Want to Go Away



      A File Reference That Does Not Want to Go Away


      Hello to All,

      Here is my problem:

      File A references file B and file C. File A is set to log in using a specific account and password and is set to perform a script when opening. Files B and C are only set up to automatically perform a script on opening.

      When I open file A locally on a desktop or laptop, all seems OK when opening normally. If I cancel the opening process (a dialogue box allows this), I get an Open "File B" dialogue, the standard account name and password dialogue, yet there is no script calling file B, no field from file B is being called upon and no layout element references file B.

      When I open file A remotely from my server, I sometime get no issue, and I sometime get the same issue at described in the previous paragraph.

      When I open file A remotely from one of my clients' server, I get an Open "File B" dialogue even before file A's default layout appears.

      File C never gives me any issue.

      I have tried to troubleshoot this numerous times without avail. Does anybody have any insights?