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A find in a portal yields no results

Question asked by csharpmin on Apr 15, 2010
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A find in a portal yields no results


I have a simple contact database with 2 tables:  Contacts and phone_numbers.  These are joined by contact ID.  The phone numbers appear in the contact layout within a portal that contains two fields: type & number (e.g. "Work Phone" & "555-1234".  I've set the field behavior to allow data entry in find mode, but when I try a find of "Work Phone" in type field in the portal, it says "No records match this find criteria".  Is there a setting I'm missing?  This is supposed to work, right?  I've double checked and there are indeed contact records that have a portal row that contains "Work Phone".   The portal works correctly otherwise, displaying the info as it should.  This same problem extends to other portals in my database, I cannot perform a find in any of them.  Any ideas?