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    A formula at time



      A formula at time



      I've a problem and I dont find how do it

      I need that the result be in time



      Its a Doctor Office

      The patience arrives at 3:15 PM and I need make a formula that allows me  know the time that patience has waiting in the office























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          Time fields are really number fields that count the number of seconds since 12 midnight.


          If we're not talking about emergency rooms where the patients might come before midnight and leave after midnight...


          Define two time fields TimeArrived and TimeSeen.


          Define a calculation, WaitTime as


          (TimeSeen - TimeArrived) / 3600


          and it will compute the number of hours the patient waited.


          If you prefer,


          TimeSeen - TimeArrived


          Set to return "Time" will return the elapsed time in seconds and you can use standard time formats like HHMMSS to display the result.