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a GET function to check if a script is currently running?

Question asked by EdRoseman on Mar 9, 2012
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a GET function to check if a script is currently running?


Hi y'all.

I'm wondering if there is a function that can check to see if a different script is already running when the script is called? In other words, a function that checks to see if another script is paused? I'd think it'd be something like Get ( PreviousScriptState ) or some such thing, but I can't seem to find anything like that in the function list.

I want this in order to make sure the user doesn't switch records with my Previous Record or Next Record buttons, while a script is paused. I want to be able to check if a script paused/currently running in order to alert the user something along the lines of "A script is currently in progress. Changing to a different record at this point can have strange, seemingly inexplicable, and otherwise unpredictable results. I would recommend against it." … with buttons Cancel and Proceed.

Thanks ahead of time for any help! I'm sure there must be a very simple solution to this that I must be overlooking.